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  • Small st ss0058 pp

    Fan Pump with 442 and SpiralTrac Application Highlight

    442 split seal and Version F SpiralTrac dramatically extends MTBF in a Sulzer Fan Pump at a Pulp & Paper facility in Slovakia.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: Sulzer PM18 Fan Pump, 442 Split Seal, Version F Type S SpiralTrac, Flow Guardian S50
  • Small st ss0048 pp thumbnail

    Packing Version SpiralTrac Lasting 10 Years in Brown Stock Washer

    Kraft paper mill successfully converted brown stock washer repulpers with Chesterton SuperSet (1730 + SpiralTrac), SpiralTrac lasting over 10 years in the pump before replacement.

    • Application: Brown Stock
    • Equipment: Brown Stock Washer Repulper, 1730 Mill Pack, Packing Version SpiralTrac
  • Small st ss0042 pp

    Chesterton SuperSet Increase MTBF on Sulzer Salomix Agitators

    Chesterton 370 SuperSet helps with water reduction by 65% in a Sulzer Salomix side entry Agitator.

    • Application: Pulp
    • Equipment: Sulzer Salomix Agitator, Chesterton 370 Packing, Packing Version Spiraltrac
  • Small st ss0035 thumbnail

    Chesterton Connect Monitoring Seal and SpiralTrac on Paper Stock

    GL&V 6000, Deflaker KM7 centrifugal pumps fitted with 442 split seals and SpiralTrac Adaptor. Product: paper stock.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: GL&V 6000, Deflaker KM7 Centrifugal Pumps, 442 Split Seal, SpiralTrac Seal Adaptor
  • Small 0028 thumbnail

    Advanced Packing Technology with DualPac™ 2212 Packing and SpiralTrac

    Chesterton SuperSet: DualPac 2212 and SpiralTrac successfully sealing pumps, fan pumps and agitators in a Paper Mill.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: Centrifugal pump, fan pumps and agitators. DualPac 2212 packing, SpiralTrac
  • Small ss0026 thumb

    94% Flush Reduction with the Chesterton SuperSet™ Total Sealing Solution

    Packing Version SpiralTrac and three rings of Chesterton 370 Heat Dissipating Packing helps reduce flush water usage in a Vertical Hydropulper.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: Vertical Hydropulper, 370 Heat Dissipating Packing, Packing Version SpiralTrac, S50 Flow Guardian
  • Small ss0025 thumb

    4% Paper Stock, 2+ Years Running, NO FLUSH

    Version D SpiralTrac and a Chesterton 170 heavy duty slurry seal running two plus years in a SULZER APP54 process pump, pumping paper stock.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: SULZER APP54 Process Pump, Chesterton 170 Heavy Duty Slurry Cartridge Single Seal, Version D Type A SpiralTrac
  • Small ss0021 thumb

    Double the Spiral, Double the Benefits

    Chesterton 150™ Cartridge seal and Version D SpiralTrac lasting over 5 years in customer's FAN pump. Pulp & Paper.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: FAN Pump, 150 Single Cartridge Seal, Version D SpiralTrac


SpiralTrac™ Demo

This video shows how a SpiralTrac active throat bushing works in a seal cavity.

Handling SpiralTrac™ BGE Material

Split SpiralTrac™ devices made of bearing grade MGE and BGE materials have great shaft support capabilities and are usually utilized in pumps where shaft movement or deflection can occur. These materials are however very brittle by nature, so installing and handling them requires care and caution. This quick video demonstrates the steps required to handle these Spiraltrac devices.