SpiralTrac is a revolutionary environmental controller for seal and packing chambers, and has established new standards worldwide for exploiting the maximum performance potential of rotating process equipment in various industries.


  • Processing, slurry, tailings, effluent and drainage services.

Pulp & Paper

  • Rotating process equipment in pulping (digester/washer), bleach plant, papermaking, recovery (evaporators, causticizing, boiler), and effluent areas.


  • Water, sludge, re-circ, and other water/wastewater service areas.

Chemical Processing

  • Slurries and clean or contaminated liquid processing.

Petroleum Processing

  • General refinery, oil filed/platform, transport and processing.

Food Processing

  • Industry Applications

Power Generation

  • Production, slurry, water and effluent services in coal-fired, hydroelectric and nuclear power generating stations.


  • Industry Applications