SpiralTrac™ for Seals

SpiralTrac™ for Seals

For years SpiralTrac technology has been blazing trails for customers who use single, double or split mechanical seals, allowing them to gain outstanding features and important benefits not available previously. Customers are afforded a unique sealing solution for any application, while also being provided the opportunity to dramatically reduce direct and indirect costs associated with the operation of process pumps and equipment.

Without SpiralTrac

Contaminants migrate along the shaft and into the seal faces causing premature seal failure.


With SpiralTrac

Contaminants are prevented from invading the seal faces, enabling the seal to operate in a clean environment.


SpiralTrac comes in a variety of Versions to fit all application needs. If you have a rotating equipment with a sealing device, we have a SpiralTrac for you. See below the different versions.


Version F

  • Requires minimal flush
  • Split for easy installation
  • Ideal to use with split mechanical seals

Version N

  • Requires minimal or no flush
  • Used with non-fibrous applications
  • Equpiment has to be disassembled for installation

Version D

  • Requires minimal or no flush
  • Used with fibrous applications
  • Enables venting of air from seal cavity

Version C

  • Requires minimal or no flush
  • Bottom drain to allow process to drain from seal cavity
  • Increased maintenance safety

Adaptor for Seals

  • Requires minimal flush
  • Installs between seal and seal cavity
  • Split for easy installation

SpiralTrac with Shaft Support

Shaft deflection and vibration contribute to premature packing and seal failure

Tight clearance for added shaft support.

Faster, easier, more effective maintenance

Minimizes heat buildup

Material options

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