About Us

About Us

Who We Are

EnviroSeal Engineering Products Ltd. is a pioneering leader in seal protection technology, offering several patented product families that enhance operating conditions and dramatically increase the service life of mechanical seals and packing in the pulp & paper, mining, API, CPI, municipal and food processing industries worldwide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to research, design and produce creative and leading-edge seal protection technology for distribution and use worldwide in any process industry. Our hallmark will be excellence of service, ingenuity in design and quality of product, thereby resulting in the greatest possible benefits and savings for our customers.

Corporate Values

Quality... ...Consistently deliver to our clients product manufactured to the highest level of quality on time, and always meeting or exceeding expectations. At EnviroSeal, quality is a way of life.

Pride... ...in our workmanship, pride in the EnviroSeal team and our accomplishments, and pride in our community, province and country.

Commitment... ...to always do our best; to always provide the best possible service and product to our customers; to continue developing environmentally sound solutions to industrial processing problems; and, to develop a positive vision for the future.

Respect... ...for customers, co-workers, distributors and suppliers, through respecting the diversity of language, culture, and unique customer requirements in an increasingly borderless 21st century world.

Meet the Team


Aniko Dunford President

Aniko, the proud and fierce mother of EnviroSeal, our gold hearted leader and commander. Her unmatched passion and dedication to EnviroSeal shines through each perfectly manufactured SpiralTrac device.


Lisa Desrosiers Controller

Lisa knows everything there is to know about our company. Numbers, distributors, locations, you name it. If we have a question, we ask Lisa. When not in the office, she's probably at the hockey rink or baseball diamond with her very active son and daughter.


Duncan Gillis Business Development

The face of EnviroSeal, Duncan travels everywhere in the World spreading the knowlegde of SpiralTrac. As our trainer and presenter, you will most likely meet him next time you are at a SpiralTrac training. If not training a new specialist he is more than likely coaching his son or daughter at a sporting event.


Lisa Arbuckle Customer Service

One of the many reasons to call us during work hours is to be greeted by Lisa's warm voice. She can find you answers or connect you to one of our applications engineers in no time. You should see some of her quilts.


Lori Simmonds Customer Service

Lori is our Order Entry queen. She doesn't just see part numbers anymore, she sees the device. Her thorough and meticulate work is a core engine of our efficient operation. Lori can often be seen in the off-hours chasing after her two little boys (with a camera).


Csaba Kőrösi Marketing / IT

Csaba is the office IT firefighter, as well as the "marketing guy". If you need a visual drawing, illustration or a presentation he is your contact. As a group fitness instructor he can also help you get in shape.


Joel Tibbo Applications Engineer

Joel started at manufacturing, then moved up to his current position in 2003. You can trust him with your application, he will find the perfect sealing solution for you. A proud father of three little angels.


Derrick Caddell Applications Engineer

For years Derrick lead the manufacturing team, and now it's his time to shine as our newest applications engineer. When not working on a SpiralTrac application you'll probably find him in his yard gardening or enjoying his two adorable dogs.


Robby Tibbo Applications Engineer

When it comes to unique SpiralTrac designs and drawings, Robby is our in house CAD wizard. He's as fast with the computer as with his four wheeler. And if you're wondering, that is fast!


Glenn Arbuckle Shop Supervisor

Glenn is the man that leads our production staff. He knows everything about the machine shop; he has worked here longer than any of the other staff (20 years and counting.....) Questions relating to delivery dates, machine time, part numbers, raw material purchases, anything production related....Glenn is your guy! If not in the shop he's probably watching sports or gone fishing.

Alliances and Partnerships

We are extremely proud to have established a successful strategic alliance with the A.W. Chesterton Company of Groveland, Massachusetts, one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial fluid sealing, polymer solutions and maintenance products.

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Our Founders

When Joe Dunford, our company founder and president, passed away in 1999, he left a legacy of invention and innovation that still guides EnviroSeal today.

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