SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller

In these Tough Economic Times process equipment reliability is at the forefront. Maintenance costs and downtime have to be reduced.

SpiralTrac™ Technology will cut your costs, and help reduce your expensive downtime!

Designed and engineered for your specific applications, this innovative technology will help you reduce the high-costs associated with sealing your equipment.

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Protect mechanical seals and packing

Improve equipment reliability

Reduce or eliminate flush


SpiralTrac is a revolutionary environmental controller for seal and packing chambers, and has established new standards worldwide for exploiting the maximum performance potential of rotating process equipment in various industries.



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petroleum processing

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power generation

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Distributed Worldwide

SpiralTrac is being distributed in over 150 countries around the World. To find a distributor close to your region, please select your country and click "Search".

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SpiralTrac™ for Pulp & Paper Refiners

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