SpiralTrac™ in the wastewater industry

SpiralTrac™ in the wastewater industry

SpiralTrac is a revolutionary environmental controller for seal and packing chambers, and has established new standards worldwide for exploiting the maximum performance potential of rotating process equipment in many municipal and waste treatment areas.

What does it do?

A SpiralTrac Enhanced Environment increases the sealing element life, while decreasing flush and product leakage at the same time.

What applications?

Typical municipal industry application include water, sludge, re-circ, and other water/wastewater service areas. Listed below are some industry sample applications where SpiralTrac has been proven. For more detailed stories, find our Municipal industry successes in the library.

SpiralTrac Application Solution Equipment
Version D Type A Canal Water seal Johnson Vertical
Version P Canal Water packing Johnson WWK
Version P DAF Recirc packing Goulds 3196MT
Version N Sewage seal Allis Chalmers, Model 150
Version F Types S Sewage seal Ingersoll Dresser Vertical
Version F Type S Sewage seal Clow Vertical
Version D Sewage seal A-C ITT Vertical
Version F Type S Sewage seal Fairbank Morse Vertical
Version P Sewage packing Wemco Torque Flow Mod C
Version P Sewage packing Chicago 64131
Version P Sewage packing Fairbank Morse C57415
Version P Sewage packing Clow
Version P Sludge Recirc packing Wemco Torque Flow 6
Version P Water packing Ingersoll Rand 8GT
Version P Sludge packing Alweiler PEC
Version P Water packing Ingersoll Rand 8GT

Typical Pump Types

  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Alweiler
  • ASH Pumps
  • Chesterton
  • Chicago
  • Clow
  • Fairbank Morse
  • Goulds
  • GIW
  • Ingersoll Dresser
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Johnson
  • Warman
  • Worthington

Sample Success Stories in the municipal industry List All

split seal and spiraltrac reduces maintenance and water use cover

Split Seal and SpiralTrac Reduces Maintenance and Water Use

Solution: seal
Application: Sludge
Equipment: RAS Return Activated Sludge Pumps, 442 Split Seal RSC/RSC, Version F SpiralTrac

mean time between shaft replacement going from 1 to 8 years cover

Mean Time Between Shaft Replacement Going From 1 to 8 Years

Solution: seal
Application: Dirty Water
Equipment: Goulds Water Pump, Chesterton 155 Single Cartridge Seal, Version N Type B SpiralTrac

sealing sludge pumps with 442 and spiraltrac™ cover

Sealing Sludge Pumps with 442 and SpiralTrac™

Solution: seal
Application: Waste Water
Equipment: Warman 6/4 F-HH Centrifugal pump, Chesterton 442 Seal, Version F Type S SpiralTrac™


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