SpiralTrac™ in the petroleum processing industry

SpiralTrac™ in the petroleum processing industry

SpiralTrac is a revolutionary environmental controller for seal and packing chambers, and has established new standards worldwide for exploiting the maximum performance potential of rotating process equipment in the petroleum industry.

What does it do?

A SpiralTrac Enhanced Environment increases the sealing element life, while decreasing flush and product leakage at the same time.

What applications?

Typical petroleum processing industry areas include general refinery, oil filed/platform, transport and processing. Listed below are some industry sample applications where SpiralTrac has been proven.

SpiralTrac Application Solution Equipment
Version N Cat. "A" Carb seal Union Pump 6x8x26 HHS
Version N Type B Crude (31% sand) packing Ingersoll Rand B-6x18WH
Version N Type A Cooling Water(50% Glycol) seal API Standard 610 Centrifugal
Version N Type B Bottoms with Cat. Fines seal United Model 2X13 THF
Version N Types A Heavy Naphtha seal Bingham 4X6X11 1/2 Cap Pump
Version N Hexane (85%) seal Sundyne LMV 332
Version D Hydrochloric Acid seal Mission pump
Version N Type A Cat. Unit Intermediate Reflux seal Bingham 6X8X14 H CAD
Version N Type B General Refinery Application seal B-J 4X6X12 1/2 HSM Overhung
Version N Type A Hot Oil Slurry seal API Multi-stage Split Case
Version P Waste Water packing Wemco 8x6x17 F Torque Flow
Version N Type A Petroleum Products seal ASH (various)
Version N Type A Stretford Liquor seal Union HH-S 8X8X18
Version N Type A Santotherm 66 seal Begemann
Version N Type A Water Flood Injection seal United 4X11 MSNS Horizontal

Typical Pump Types

  • Begemann
  • Bingham
  • Byron Jackson
  • Goulds
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Sundyne
  • Union
  • United
  • Warman

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