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  • Small st ss0056 power ah

    Hydro Turbine Application Highlight

    Vertical Hydro Turbine in Spain installed with 442 Split Seal and SpiralTrac Adaptor.

    • Application: River Water
    • Equipment: Vertical Hydro Turbine, 442 Seal, SpiralTrac Adaptor
  • Small st ss0053 thumb

    Desalination Plant Saves Downtime on Vertical Brine Pump

    Vertical Brine Pump successfully sealed with 442 split seal and a SpiralTrac Adaptor. Desalination Plant in the Middle East.

    • Application: Brine
    • Equipment: Vertical Brine Pump, 442 Split Seal, SpiralTrac Seal Adaptor
  • Small st ss0052 mining

    DualPac 2212 and SpiralTrac Extends Packing Life in Phosphate Mine

    Two large slurry pumps fitted with SuperSet (2212 and SpiralTrac), extending packing adjustment from days to 4+ months. Phosphate mine.

    • Application: Slurry
    • Equipment: Slurry Pumps, DualPac 2212 Packing, Packing Version SpiralTrac, Chesterton Live Loading
  • Small st ss0049 mining

    Mining Gland Water Pump Mechanical Seal & SpiralTrac Upgrade

    Seasonal changes providing challenging environment for river water pumps. Packing replaced by Chesterton 180 seal and SpiralTrac, No Flush.

    • Application: River Water
    • Equipment: River Water Pumps, Chesterton 180 Seal, Version N Type B SpiralTrac
  • Small st ss0047 ww

    19 Year Seal Life in Patterson Pump with SpiralTrac

    At a municipal wastewater treatment plant, 442 Spilt Seal and SpiralTrac going strong for 19 years before failing. Patterson Pump, pumping raw sewage.

    • Application: Waste Water
    • Equipment: Patterson 24” F24B Pump, 442 Split Seal, Version F Type S SpiralTrac
  • Small st ss0051 thumb

    Split Seal and SpiralTrac Reduces Maintenance and Water Use

    442 Split Seal and Version F Type S SpiralTrac reduces water use in 10 RAS pumps at a wastewater treatment facility.

    • Application: Sludge
    • Equipment: RAS Return Activated Sludge Pumps, 442 Split Seal RSC/RSC, Version F SpiralTrac
  • Small st ss0046 food

    Cossette Pumps: BMA end suction pump, messy housekeeping issue cleaned up

    170 Slurry Seal and SpiralTrac successfully addresses customer problems on Cossettess pumps at a Beet Sugar Plant.

    • Application: Sugar Beet Cossettes
    • Equipment: BMA end suction centrifugal pump, Chesterton 170 Slurry Seal, Version N Type A Spiraltrac
  • Small st ss0044 water thumb

    Mean Time Between Shaft Replacement Going From 1 to 8 Years

    Chesterton Solution extending shaft replacement on a Goulds pump from 1 year to 8 years. 155 Single Cartridge Seal and SpiralTrac.

    • Application: Dirty Water
    • Equipment: Goulds Water Pump, Chesterton 155 Single Cartridge Seal, Version N Type B SpiralTrac


SpiralTrac™ Demo

This video shows how a SpiralTrac active throat bushing works in a seal cavity.

Handling SpiralTrac™ BGE Material

Split SpiralTrac™ devices made of bearing grade MGE and BGE materials have great shaft support capabilities and are usually utilized in pumps where shaft movement or deflection can occur. These materials are however very brittle by nature, so installing and handling them requires care and caution. This quick video demonstrates the steps required to handle these Spiraltrac devices.