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    The Complete Sealing Solution with APPS, SpiralTrac & Chesterton Connect

    Pulp and Paper plant, Sulzer Ahlstrom APP 3 pump converted to Chesterton APPS with SpiralTrac, utilizing Chesterton Connect. Pumping reject paper stock.

    • Application: Paper Stock
    • Equipment: Sulzer Ahlstrom APP 3 Reject Paper Chest Pump, Chesterton APPS Mechanical Seal, Version D SpiralTrac, Chesterton Connect monitoring system
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    Converting from Packing to Mechanical Seal in Zinc Smelting Slurry Pumps

    2 wet atomized zinc Slurry Pumps (Atlas BattleMountain 3x2 WXH-GS) successfully converted from packing to Chesterton 170L Heavy Duty Slurry Seal with SpiralTrac. Mining, Zinc Smelting.

    • Application: Zinc
    • Equipment: Atlas BattleMountain 3x2 WHX-GS Heavy Duty Slurry Pump, Chesterton 170L Single Cartridge Slurry Seal, SpiralTrac
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    Hydrocyclone Pump Packing Life Improvement with SpiralTrac

    2 Hydrocyclone pumps gain increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs, packed with SpiralTrac and Chesterton GraphMax packing. Alumina Bauxite mining application.

    • Application: Bauxite
    • Equipment: Hydrocyclone pump, Packing Version SpiralTrac, GraphMax packing
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    SpiralTrac for Vertical Turbines

    Designed for both packed and sealed Vertical Turbine Applications, the unique VT SpiralTrac can keep solids away from your packing/mechanical seal, allowing the application to run longer and more efficiently.

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    FIRST Device and 1730 Packing in KAMYR Agitator

    Frequent re-packing issues in a KAMYR CR5 agitator in the pulp and paper industry, solved by SpiralTrac FIRST Device and Chesterton 1730 packing.

    • Application: Pulp
    • Equipment: KAMYR CR5 Agitator, FIRST Device, Chesterton 1730 Packing
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    FIRST Device and 1730 in Bleaching Tower Agitators

    Bleaching Tower Agitators having frequent re-packing issues at a pulp and paper plant. SpiralTrac FIRST device extends MTBR from 3 to 12 months!

    • Application: Pulp
    • Equipment: Bleaching Tower Agitators, FIRST device, Chesterton 1730 Packing
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    Andritz TurboMix Agitators fitted with SpiralTrac Adaptor and Chesterton 442C

    6 Andritz Agitators at a pulp and paper mill are successfully sealed with Chesterton 442C Split Seals and SpiralTrac Adaptors.

    • Application: Pulp
    • Equipment: Andritz TurboMix side entry chest agitators, Chesterton 442C Split Seal, SpiralTrac Seal Adaptor
  • Small st ss0069

    Andritz Fan Pump with 442C and SpiralTrac Application Highlight

    Andritz FP 60-500 double ended split case fan pump sealed successfully with Chesterton 442C and Version F Type S SpiralTrac. Pulp and Paper industry.

    • Application: Water
    • Equipment: Andritz FP 60-500 double ended split case Fan pump, 442 split seal, Version F SpiralTrac


SpiralTrac™ Demo

This video shows how a SpiralTrac active throat bushing works in a seal cavity.

Handling SpiralTrac™ BGE Material

Split SpiralTrac™ devices made of bearing grade MGE and BGE materials have great shaft support capabilities and are usually utilized in pumps where shaft movement or deflection can occur. These materials are however very brittle by nature, so installing and handling them requires care and caution. This quick video demonstrates the steps required to handle these Spiraltrac devices.