Version F

Version F

  • Requires minimal flush
  • Split for easy installation
  • Ideal Use with Split Mechanical Seals
  • No modification required to pump or seal cavity

Used only with flush typically 5-8 gph (0.3 - 0.5 lpm). Version F is ideal for use with split mechanical seals. Since split devices are intended for installation with the pump in place, however, the pump cannot be modified to incorporate the air vent or exit groove extension required for flush free operation.

Typical Applications

Slurry Pumps, Pulp n Paper, Municipal

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Frequently Asked Questions all FAQs

  • The length of the device is the first consideration:

    • Version F (Type S) SpiralTrac is 1.850" / 46.99mm  in length.

    • Version P SpiralTrac's length is dependent on the width of the lantern ring and the number of rings of packing it's replacing.

  • There are occasions when the axial length of the SpiralTrac is longer than the distance to the first obstruction.  When this occurs, consult EnviroSeal.

No, the seal versions of SpiralTrac are not designed to work with packing. The only SpiralTrac that is specifically designed for packing is the Version P.

The required flush pressure is dependent on the pump seal chamber pressure. Normal flush pressure should be above seal chamber pressure to create a flow. This enables the flush to push any contaminants under the existing throat. Since the important issue is the flow rate, we strongly recommend the use of a flow controller and the installation of a check valve. The check valve will dead head the seal chamber in the event of a flush failure, preventing contaminants from being drawn into the chamber and flush piping.

  • The spiral groove always faces the seal and should spiral in the direction of the shaft as viewed from the seal end looking toward the impeller. This will be either clockwise (right-hand rotation) or counterclockwise (left-hand rotation) as viewed from the drive end (typically, ANSI/ISO is clockwise, API is counterclockwise);

  • The part number is engraved on the impeller end of the SpiralTrac;

  • There is an installation label indicating the direction of rotation (which should be removed prior to installation!); and,

  • For SpiralTrac Versions D and N (with an integral air vent), the air vent must be in the 12 o'clock position.

  • Double-ended pumps: There should be one left-hand rotation device and one right-hand rotation device (either packing or mechanical seal versions). Direction of rotation is determined from the motor end looking towards the impeller.

These devices are designed to be easily installed in the field where the required upgrades associated with the air vent cannot be done.

It depends on the application. If solids are removed, there are certain applications where the less expensive and cooler running soft faces can be used where only hard faces were used previously. Consult with EnviroSeal to determine your application's suitability.

Yes.  SpiralTrac is designed to work with nearly any type or make of mechanical seal.

Absolutely!  The problems associated with air and solids in the cavity are the same with double seals as they are with single seals.  Double seals are expensive, and using SpiralTrac is an excellent, low-cost way of protecting your investment!

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Sample Success Stories Version F device

st version f type s with 156-30 seal in the mining industry cover

ST Version F Type S with 156-30 Seal in the Mining Industry

Solution: seal
Application: Slurry
Equipment: Morris 6RX Slurry Pump

st version f type s and 442 seal in the power generation industry cover

ST Version F Type S and 442 Seal in the Power Generation Industry

Solution: seal
Application: Lime Slurry
Equipment: Warman Model 650TU Pump

st version f type s with 442 split seal in the pulp & paper industry cover

ST Version F Type S with 442 Split Seal in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Solution: seal
Application: Paper Stock
Equipment: EBARA ULPM-200 Stock Pump


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