SpiralTrac™ with Shaft Support

SpiralTrac™ with Shaft Support

Shaft deflection and vibration contribute to premature packing and seal failure

Aside from the normal effects that the fluids have in decreasing packing and seal life, which SpiralTrac can solve, there may also be problems associated with shaft movement or deflection.

EnviroSeal has now added another dimension to it's patented SpiralTrac™ technology.

Tight clearance for added shaft support resulting in extended packing/seal life.

Faster, easier, more effective packing maintenance.

No modifications required to the pump or seal cavity.

Minimizes heat buildup in seal cavity and at the seal faces.

Increase seal MTBF by as much as 2-6 times.

Dramatically reduces direct and indirect costs associated with the operation of rotating process equipment.

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MGE (PPS blend thermoplastic), BGE (PEEK blend thermoplastic) and 660 Bronze.

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