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    Packing Version SpiralTrac and Chesterton 1730 Packing to Seal Sunds Defibrator

    From high water consumption and a costly energy-intensive water treating process a Sunds Defibrator transformed into an environmentally friendly equipment with low flush rate and extended maintenance cycle.

    • Application: Wood Fiber
    • Equipment: Sunds Defibrator, Chesterton 1730 Packing, Packing Version SpiralTrac
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    FGD Absorber: Lime Tank Agitator

    The combination of Chesterton split seal, SpiralTrac and ISS in one complete sealing system improves maintenance cost and time on absorber tanks.

    • Application: Lime Slurry
    • Equipment: FGD Absorber: Lime tank agitator, EKATO, Ligthnin, 442 split seal, Version D, ISS
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    Sealing Large Influent Pumps with SpiralTrac and Chesterton Split Seals

    Chesterton sealing solution including SpiralTrac eliminates all operational leakage in large metropolitan wastewater treatment plant.

    • Application: Waste Water
    • Equipment: Large Influent Pumps, Chesterton Split Seals, Version F Type S SpiralTrac
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    442 and SpiralTrac™, the Environmentally Responsible Upgrade

    Chesterton 442 mechanical seal combined with seal version SpiralTrac saves a wastewater plant millions of gallons of drinking water a year.

    • Application: Waste Water
    • Equipment: 442, waste water pumps
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    Easily Manage Your Tough Operating Conditions with SpiralTrac™

    SpiralTrac BGE material and Chesterton 225A Dual Seal team up to handle oily water in an Ensival Moret Waste Water Pump: EMTECH 100.200 E. Product: Crude Oil

    • Application: Crude Oil
    • Equipment: Ensival Moret Waste Water Pump, EMTECH 100.200E, Chesterton 225A Dual Seal
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    Aggressive Operating Conditions Tackled by SpiralTrac™ and Chesterton 155™

    Flowserve 4 stage Waste Water Disposable Centrifugal Pump with Chesterton 155 and SpiralTrac. Product: Oily Waste Water, Hydrocarbon

    • Application: Waste Water
    • Equipment: Flowserve 4 stage waste water disposable centrifugal pump, Chesterton 155 mechanical seal
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    From 3 Months to 3 Years...and Counting

    SpiralTrac Version N Type I extending seal life on an Ensival Moret Waste Water Pump. EMTECH. Product: Crude Oil, seal: Chesterton 155 and 442C mechanical seal.

    • Application: Crude Oil
    • Equipment: Ensival Moret Waste Water Pump, EMTECH 100.200E, Chesterton 442C and 155 mechanical seal
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    AH: Goulds Heavy Duty Slurry Pump enhanced with SuperSet

    copper mining, goulds itt extra heany duty slurry pump enhanced with packing version SpiralTrac and Chesterton 1830 SSP packing. tailings treatment plant, copper slurry

    • Application: Copper Slurry
    • Equipment: Goulds ITT Extra Heavy Duty Slurry Pump (12x10), GIW LSA Series Slurry Pump


SpiralTrac™ Demo

This video shows how a SpiralTrac active throat bushing works in a seal cavity.

Handling SpiralTrac™ BGE Material

Split SpiralTrac™ devices made of bearing grade MGE and BGE materials have great shaft support capabilities and are usually utilized in pumps where shaft movement or deflection can occur. These materials are however very brittle by nature, so installing and handling them requires care and caution. This quick video demonstrates the steps required to handle these Spiraltrac devices.