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Chesterton 170 Slurry Seal, paired with a Version D SpiralTrac in a SULZER APP Process pump for the ultimate sealing solution.

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Application Info & Challenge

Previous sealing solution of a Hydrodynamic Seal only lasts about 6 months. Excessive product leakage, massive housekeeping issues.


Application state before solution

Application with original Hydrodynamic seal

Application state after solution

Application with Chesterton solution running 2+ years


Solution & Results


Version D Type I SpiralTrac



The Version D SpiralTrac has a unique double spiral design specifically engineered for fibrous environments. The enhanced axial flow generated by the double spiral helps remove non settling fibrous solids out of the seal cavity, keeping the seal area clean, and the seal faces cool and lubricated.  As of writing, the application has been running successfully for over 2 years. That is already 4 times longer than the previous MTBF! Customer is converting similar applications to the same Chesterton solution.


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