SpiralTrac™ for KREBS® millMAX™ Slurry Pumps

KREBS© millMAX™ Slurry Pumps are globally recognized by the industry for their reliability and efficiency. To further extend the life of your sealing solution in your millMAX™ slurry pump, use a Packing Version SpiralTrac™. We already designed it for you.

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Gain all the benefits of our Packing Version SpiralTrac™, specifically designed to fit in KREBS millMAX™ Series Slurry Pumps. The SpiralTrac Environmental Controller replaces the OEM L-shaped bushing and bottom packing ring if a high flow configuration, or the bottom packing ring and lantern ring in a low flow configuration.


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KREBS Model Size SpiralTrac part #* Packing rings required
MM80 3x2-9 PM06400RS08300(XXX)11-0648 3
MM100 4x3-12 PM08600RS11200(XXX)11-0649 3
MM100 4x3-17 PM08600RS11200(XXX)11-0649 3
MM150 6x4-16 PM11000RS14200(XXX)11-0650 3
MM150 6x4-21 PM11000RS14200(XXX)11-0650 3
MM200 8x6-20 PM11000RS14200(XXX)11-0650 3
MM200 8x6-24 PM11000RS14200(XXX)11-0650 3
MM250 10x8-24 PM14000RS17800(XXX)11-0651 3
MM300 12x10-30 PM14000RS17800(XXX)11-0651 3
MM350 14x12-36  PM17780RS21700(XXX)11-0622 3
MM400 16x14-39 PM17780RS21700(XXX)11-0622 3
MM500 20x18-46 PM22860RS28000(XXX)11-0656 4
MM600 24x20-54 PM27940RS33100(XXX)11-0623 4
MM700 28x26-64 PM27940RS33100(XXX)11-0623 4
UM900  - PM36830RS42000(XXX)12-0107 5

 *please replace "XXX" with Material ID for complete part # when ordering.

For Material ID and material recommendation visit the Material Options page.

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 For ordering, please contact your local A.W. Chesterton representative or reach out to us.

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