Adaptor for Packing

Adaptor for Packing

  • For use with packing
  • Moving the packing down the shaft
  • Prolonging the life of the shaft/sleeve
  • No modification required to pump or seal cavity

Typical Applications

Slurry Pumps, Pulp n Paper, Municipal


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The turbulence in the seal cavity will not be changed with the standard Adaptor. What is important is to protect the environment around the seal itself, and that is achieved with this design. An option, should you wish to control the turbulence in the seal cavity, is to order the Adaptor with a nose piece that will fill the entire void of the seal cavity. It is important to note that this option can be used only when there is enough first obstruction space available.

The two halves are machined to a polish finish to ensure total face contact when tightened together with the Allen-head bolts that are supplied with each device. As an option, a gasket sealant can be applied to each half for added sealing performance.

The device has been pressure tested to 100 PSI / 689.47 kPa. The typical applications for the Adapter are well within this limit. Should you have a higher pressure application, we suggest you contact EnviroSeal.

The SpiralTrac Adaptor has been designed with a built-in gasket on the face sealing area. If the stuffing box face is in excellent condition, the built-in gasket should provide an effective seal. If the stuffing box face is damaged or eroded, there are options available to you. Firstly, you can insert an o-ring into the o-ring groove that is supplied with all standard configuration Adaptors, or secondly, you can order the Adaptor with a machined gasket groove in the face sealing area so that a flexible gasket can be inserted for an effective seal. For added sealing effectiveness, an appropriate gasket sealant can be used in either case.

Yes. Type S SpiralTrac Adaptors are now available in ESC, Bronze and Stainless Steel.

At this time, all  SpiralTrac Seal Adaptors require sufficient flush pressure to drive a positive flow into the box.  We do not recommend or support running these devices flush-free.

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