SpiralTrac™ for Pulp & Paper Refiners

Reduce your flush by 60% or more (depending on application), and extend the life of your packing in your Pulp & Paper Refiners with the Packing Version SpiralTrac

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By design, the Packing Version SpiralTrac™ enables greatly reduced flush through enhanced utilization of the flow and centrifugal effects around the rotating shaft. The SpiralTrac active throat bushing helps preventing fibre accumulation, which is a common cause of premature shaft and sleeve wear in Pulp & Paper applications. Installed and used in refiners across the Globe, the SpiralTrac Environmental Controller is the proven solution to maximize your equipment’s life and potential.


SpiralTrac in Beloit Refiner Illustration




Packing Version SpiralTrac GLF Material


SpiralTrac Part Numbers for Beloit Jones DD Refiners


Size SpiralTrac part #
20" PI4625RS5625(XXX)22334
24" PI4625RS5625(XXX)22334
26" PI5750RS7000(XXX)1L1.875
30" PI5750RS7000(XXX)1L1.875
34" PI6250RS7500(XXX)2L1.750
38" PI6250RS7500(XXX)2L1.750
42" PI8250RS9750(XXX)22313
46" PI8250RS9750(XXX)22313

SpiralTrac Part Numbers for Sprout Waldron Refiners


Size SpiralTrac part #
20" PI4062RS5062(XXX)2L1.000
26" PI5062RS6062(XXX)1L1.000
34" PI6125RS7375(XXX)2L1.000
42" PI8010RS9265(XXX)2L1.000



Please replace “XXX” with material ID for complete part # when ordering. For a full list of materials please visit our material page.

The referenced part numbers are for Packing Version SpiralTrac and are to be used with mechanical packing only. If a mechanical seal is used, please reach out to us at support@enviroseal.ca

The referenced refiners are double ended, one left (CCW) and one right (CW) rotation SpiralTrac are required for each installation.

We have an extensive library of equipment specific SpiralTrac devices, please let us know if you are interested in other refiner types and models.

For the ultimate sealing solution, order as a Chesterton SuperSet with high quality Chesterton packing.

For ordering, please contact your local A.W. Chesterton representative or email support@enviroseal.ca.


Download SpiralTrac for Pulp & Paper Refiners Bulletin PDF.