SpiralTrac™ for DURCO® Process Pumps

You have a Durco® Process Pump and you would like to get more life out of it! Whether you use a mechanical seal or mechanical packing, the SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller can help you extend your pump’s MTBF.

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SpiralTrac FS Durco illustration SpiralTrac Version F Type S
SpiralTrac NI Durco illustration SpiralTrac Version N Type I
SpiralTrac packing Version Durco illustration Packing Version SpiralTrac

SpiralTrac Part Numbers for Durco Mark 2 Pumps 


Bore Type Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Regular Bore FI1125RS1750(XXX) FI1875RS2625(XXX) FI2625RS3625(XXX)
NI1125RB1750(XXX) NI1875RB2625(XXX) NI2625RB3625(XXX)
CI1125RI1998(XXX) CI1875RI2762(XXX) CI2625RI3750(XXX)
NI1125RI1998(XXX) NI1875RI2762(XXX) NI2625RI3750(XXX)
DI1125RI1998(XXX) DI1875RI2762(XXX) DI2625RI3750(XXX)
PI1125RS1750(XXX)24293 PI1875RS2625(XXX)24294 PI2625RS3625(XXX)24295
Big Bore FI1125RS2625(XXX) FI1875RS3625(XXX) FI2625RS4625(XXX)
NI1125RB2625(XXX) NI1875RB3625(XXX) NI2625RB4625(XXX)
CI1125RI2625(XXX) CI1875RI3625(XXX) CI2625RI4625(XXX)
NI1125RI2625(XXX) NI1875RI3625(XXX) NI2625RI4625(XXX)
DI1125RI2625(XXX) DI1875RI3625(XXX) DI2625RI4625(XXX)
Taper Bore CIRI (contact EnviroSeal) CI1875RI3982(XXX) CI2625RI5075(XXX)
NIRI (contact EnviroSeal) NI1875RI3982(XXX) NI2625RI5075(XXX)
DIRI (contact EnviroSeal) DI1875RI3982(XXX) DI2625RI5075(XXX)


SpiralTrac Part Numbers for Durco Mark 2 Pumps  


Bore Type Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Regular Bore FI1375RS2125(XXX) FI1875RS2625(XXX) FI2625RS3625(XXX)
NI1375RB2125(XXX) NI1875RB2625(XXX) NI2625RB3625(XXX)
CI1375RI2250(XXX) CI1875RI2762(XXX) CI2625RI3750(XXX)
NI1375RI2250(XXX) NI1875RI2762(XXX) NI2625RI3750(XXX)
DI1375RI2250(XXX) DI1875RI2762(XXX) DI2625RI3750(XXX)
PI1375RS2125(XXX)24296 PI1875RS2625(XXX)24297 PI2625RS3625(XXX)24298
Big Bore FI1375RS2875(XXX) FI1875RS3625(XXX) FI2625RS4625(XXX)
NI1375RB2875(XXX) NI1875RB3625(XXX) NI2625RB4625(XXX)
CI1375RI2875(XXX) CI1875RI3625(XXX) CI2625RI4625(XXX)
NI1375RI2875(XXX) NI1875RI3625(XXX) NI2625RI4625(XXX)
DI1375RI2875(XXX) DI1875RI3625(XXX) DI2625RI4625(XXX)
Taper Bore CI1375RI3468(XXX) CI1875RI3982(XXX) CI2625RI5075(XXX)
NI1375RI3468(XXX) NI1875RI3982(XXX) NI2625RI5075(XXX)
DI1375RI3468(XXX) DI1875RI3982(XXX) DI2625RI5075(XXX)
durco SpiralTrac device


All Type I (Impeller-side installation) SpiralTracs require machining upgrades and are typically offered in metal.

All Type B (Bore Fit) SpiralTracs require a 5/32” vent hole to be drilled to continue the air vent.

All packing devices are configured to allow for 2 rings of packing.

Please replace “XXX” with your material of choice. For a full list of materials please visit the material options page.

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For ordering, please contact your local A.W. Chesterton representative or reach out to us.


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