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In these Tough Economic Times process equipment reliability is at the forefront. Maintenance costs and downtime have to be reduced.

SpiralTrac™ Technology will cut your costs, and help reduce your expensive downtime!

Designed and engineered for your specific applications, this innovative technology will help you reduce the high-costs associated with sealing your equipment:

  • Protect mechanical seals and packing

  • Improve equipment reliability

  • Reduce or eliminate flush


A critical factor in any industry, but hypercritical in process industries.  How can you ensure your rotating process equipment performs effectively under changing operating conditions in your plant/mill?  Install SpiralTrac with your preferred sealing solution, and guarantee that your sealing solution has the optimum environment in which to operate.   You'll increase your equipment uptime and gain the reliability that you're looking for.

Reduce/Eliminate Flush Costs.

Water consumption in process industries is at an all time high.  Tens of millions of gallons per year are consumed in making sure you provide the best possible products to your customers.  Environmental protection laws, water conservation laws, and good stewardship of natural resources are all starting to have significant impacts on process industry applications. 

This is where we can help.  SpiralTrac will drastically reduce or completely eliminate the need for flush water in your process.

Call our technical support team today to discuss your specific applications.

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For more information concerning the Water Savings Technology List and the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme follow the link: http://www.watertechnologylist.co.uk/

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